About Us
There's more to relationships than just arranging a date and getting a phone number. The best relationships come from common interests and familiarity. Club Intimate has set itself apart from other online dating services by combining traditional features of online dating with new, interactive social networking features that allow you to easily find people with common interests and get to know them. We're building communities in which you can participate and socialise online.

Choose the Kind of Relationship You're Looking For
Browse, search or choose to participate in one, two or all six of Club Intimate's online communities, depending on the kind of relationships you are looking for. Are you interested in an Activity Partner, a Travel Partner, a Sexy Date, Intimate Encounters, a Friend to Talk to, or the Love of Your Life? Log into any of the six communities and find quality, like-minded people looking for the same kind of relationships that interest you.

Network with People Like You
Club Intimate has more than 30 blog categories and nearly 20 forums with numerous subcategories so that you can see what others have to say about topics that interest you. Build a network of people with common interests and take your time getting to know other Club Intimate members. Start your own blog or forum to share your ideas and attract members who share your interests

With Club Intimate's blogs, forums, messaging and Live Chat services, you can build solid relationships over the Internet without giving away personal information until you are ready. Whether you're looking to meet someone in your home town or in another country, Club Intimate is here to make a difference and help you find your special someone in a safe, friendly community atmosphere.

The Best things are Free
At Club Intimate, we believe the best things in life should be FREE. That's why you won't have to pay a membership fee. All of Club Intimate's features for finding and meeting the person of your dreams are completely free. Advertising revenue maintains Club Intimate's daily operations, expansions and future enhancements, so checking out the ads at Club Intimate directly benefits your online experience.

Help Grow Your Club Intimate Community
Club Intimate is about starting new relationships and building communities. Your experience becomes deeper and richer as the Club Intimate network expands, allowing you to meet new people and expand your personal network. Contribute to the community by telling your friends and acquaintances about Club Intimate. We make it easy by providing a system that allows you to send a message to many friends at once, and you can even import your list of contacts from Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL or MSN.

The more members promote Club Intimate, the more diverse your network and that of other members become. Club members can invite their friends by going to Invite page Invite